LOCATION: The Chapel 
TIME: 10:05 am

SUNDAY, November 2:
Actor Phil Darius Wallace will be Buddy’s guest. Opening in a new American play this month entitled Self Made Man: The Frederick Douglass Story, Darius has performed across the country starring as Martin Luther King, Richard Wright, and Malcolm X as well as portraying in an earlier widely acclaimed production about Frederick Douglass. He will share some of his own compelling personal story as it informs his art.

Each Sunday at 10:05 a.m., we gather for a forum that helps us further connect faith with life. Programs range from clergy teaching; expository Bible study; explorations of theology, social concerns, philosophical questions; and very occasionally matters of St. Bart's ministry and mission. See below for recordings of past Forums.

ARCHIVE: We invite you to listen to audio recordings of past Forums.

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