The Stewardship Campaign

Keeping the doors of St. Bart’s open for all

Do you have to be a member to pledge? 

While pledging—giving on the record, by commitment—is certainly a definition of membership, many who are not formal members support St. Bart’s. Commitment takes many forms, and we welcome all to be a part of our community.

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10 Reasons to Support the Stewardship Campaign:

  1. You consider St. Bart’s your spiritual home
  2. You enjoy the powerful weekly sermons at St. Bart’s or online
  3. You believe in giving back because you have received
  4. You support the Church’s outreach to the neediest
  5. You attend our rich and diverse music programs
  6. You trust us as stewards of your time, treasure and talent
  7. You value the sense of community with others
  8. You like a dose of flare with your tradition
  9. You encourage us to reach out to more individuals and families
  10. You want to make a difference!

Declare a pledge now

What is the Stewardship Campaign?  

The Stewardship Campaign is the collective financial support of parishioners, friends and visitors who believe in the mission or have been touched by St. Bart’s in some way.  In the spiritual sense, the Stewardship Campaign is a way for you to put your values and faith into action.

What is a pledge of record and why is it so important?

A pledge of record is your formal annual declaration that you will support the operations and programs at St. Bart’s.  You are encouraged to consider giving in proportion to what you have been given, literally and figuratively. 

A pledge of record is important because it allows the Church to plan a fiscally responsible budget based on what has been pledged.  As faithful stewards, we make every effort to only spend what we have received. 

Why pledge now? 

Pledging early lets us know that we can count on your support.  Of course, you may increase or decrease your pledge later on to reflect your personal financial situation.

Declare a pledge now