TOKEN Serving Others - token, 2011We offer an open door for the poor, the sick, the hungry, and the homeless, right in the crossroads of the corporate canyons of NYC—a warm heartbeat in the center of midtown Manhattan.

"All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ."

These words, from The Rule of St. Benedict, form the basis of our helping philosophy at St. Bart's. Our mission is to prevent hunger and end homelessness and provide the opportunity for growth and self-sufficiency that can only happen when hunger and shelter are satisfied. Our doors are open to any and all who seek our help. We serve men and women of any age, race or background. Our guests include homeless and impoverished individuals and families with children; the elderly and disabled, and those who are HIV-positive or who have AIDS. St. Bart's is committed to this ministry – to providing a place of safety and dignity for our guests from which they can realize more for themselves.

The bottom line is we want to feed and house those in need, no questions asked and no judgments made. All involved with this ministry give of their time and talents with respect, concern and consideration for our guests. This makes it possible for our programs to provide food, shelter and other vital assistance to all who seek our help.

Please visit Crossroads Community Services at St. Bart's website for additional information.