HOMEPAGE Stewardship Let's Get it Done

Our Spiritual Home Grows Through Stewardship.

Stewardship defines how we acknowledge the abundance in our lives. Our generous members, friends and visitors acknowlege their abundant generosity by big-heartedly supporting the Stewardship Campaign.

Declare your 2014 pledge now so we can continue our vital programs and ministries. 

The Stewardship Campaign funds the Church's operating budget and keeps the doors of our sacred space open 365 days of the year for worship and to help all in need.

As a community and civic center on Park Avenue, St. Bartholomew's is a New York City landmark site that is home to the St. Bartholomew's Conservancy and for several independent 501(c)(3)s, offering services and programs to all—see listings at right.

To ensure that St. Bart's is here for future generations, please learn more about The Mosaic Society.

To see St. Bart's in action, view our new Annual Report. Better yet, take a seat in one of new chairs and truly appreciate our shared sacred space.