OCTOBER 26, 2014

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8 am Eucharist, Rite I in the Chapel
Homily: Kije M. Rwamasirabo, Seminarian

9 am Choral Eucharist in the Church
Sermon by the Rev. F.M. “Buddy” Stallings. St. Bart’s Singers offer Yehezkial Braun’s “Sh’ma and V’ahavta.”

10 am Children, Youth, and Families in the Community House
The Flood and the Ark: We return to the Hebrew Scriptures and continue to explore stories that tell us of God’s call, and how God’s people respond.

10:10 am The Forum in the Great Hall
Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute, will be Buddy’s guest. Frances, a relatively new member of St. Bart’s, served for many years as the CEO for Girl Scouts of America and is recognized as a pioneer among women CEOs in the nation. She is the recipient of twenty honorary doctoral degrees and of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Author of numerous books, she is a treasure of leadership wisdom and the indomitability of the American spirit.

11 am Choral Eucharist and Welcoming of New Members in the Church
Sermon by the Rev. F.M. “Buddy” Stallings. St. Bartholomew’s Choir and the Boy and Girl Choristers sing sing music of Aston, Monteverdi, Palestrina and Trafka.

5 pm Community Eucharist in the Chapel
An informal and intimate service, celebrated in our beautiful Chapel. Sermon: The Rev. F.M. “Buddy” Stallings.

FREE PARKING for those who attend Sunday Services
at Doubletree Garage, 136 E. 51 Street