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8 am Eucharist, Rite I in the Chapel
Homily: The Rev. F.M. “Buddy” Stallings
9 am  Choral Eucharist in the Church
Sermon by the Rev. F.M. “Buddy” Stallings. St. Bart’s Singers lead our songs of praise, including Sydney Carter’s “Lord of the Dance.”

10 am Children, Youth, and Families, in the Community House

10:10 am The Forum in the Great Hall
Professor and Chair of Columbia’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, Peter deMenocal, will return as Buddy’s guest. A parishioner, a deeply faithful man and a compelling speaker, Peter makes the claim that there is a time window of about 10-15 years to change “business as usual" before we cross a key threshold toward a different world. To prepare catch the new Showtime series, Years of Living Dangerously.

11 am
Choral Eucharist in the Church
Sermon by the F.M. “Buddy” Stallings. St. Bartholomew’s Choir sings music of Phillips.

5 pm Community Eucharist
in the Chapel
An informal and intimate service, celebrated in our beautiful Chapel. Sermon by the Rev. F.M. “Buddy” Stallings.

FREE PARKING for those who attend Sunday Services
at Doubletree Garage, 136 E. 51 Street