2013 Holiday List for Christmas Flower and Greenery Donations

Christmas is a wonderful time to give a flower donation, either in "Thanksgiving for" or "In Memory of" a loved one. 

Christmas Flower donations may be made at any time.

Any donations received by SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15, will be listed in the Christmas service bulletins. 

You may donate any amount. If you wish to make a specific donation:

 2  Twenty-foot trees - $500 each

 2  Eight-foot trees - $150 each 

 2  60" Holiday Wreaths - $600 each 

 2  Advent Wreaths -$250 each  

14  20" Holiday Wreaths - $50 each 

 2   Festive floral arrangements for the church - $600 

 2   Festive floral arrangements for the chapel -$400

45  Holiday Poinsettas - $25 each

 6  Tall Alberta Spruce trees - $75 each 

24  Medium Alberta Spruce trees - $40 each 

 3  Miniature Alberta Spruce trees - $15 each 

12 Evergreen Garlands - $100 each 

To make your flower donation:

Contact St. Bart's Central : 212-378-0222, or


1) Click the RED "DONATE HERE" button, above right.

2) Select 'Christmas Flowers' category at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

3) In the NOTES section, indicate whether it is a general or specific donation. Be sure to indicate whether your donation is IN LOVING MEMORY OF of or IN THANKSGIVING FOR.

Thank you for honoring those you love and for gracing our church with beauty this Christmas season.