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Perspective Changes Everything

“Gone Girl” (the movie) made my head hurt. Someone described it as this generation’s “Fatal Attraction”, a comment that reminded me why I never liked that movie either. Was it a bunny that Glenn Close boiled (or a puppy?), or is that simply a lingering image of yet ...

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When Less Really Is More

I think about dementia more than I used to. It is not because I am feeling particularly demented, not at the moment anyway. I guess it is because of my mother, who suffers from dementia, who is demented. What an awful word to describe a woman like her – anyone really, but particularly my ...

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It's Complicated

Yesterday I presided at the 12:05 pm Eucharist. The gospel was Luke’s account of Jesus’ sending the disciples forth to tell the Good News. They were to carry very little with them, and were instructed to shake the dust from their feet when leaving a town in which their news was not ...

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Days Off, Sunshine and TerrorismĀ 

Yesterday the Iraqi prime minister stated that ISIS is planning an attack on the NYC subway. This created a flutter, of course, but was hardly news. Is anyone surprised to hear that ISIS is interested in blowing up the subway in New York City? When I needed to get uptown to see someone late in ...

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Be a Part of a Search for God

This Sunday is the day I am hoping that many who have been away for the summer will be back in church. To kick off the Fall Season, during which great things are happening, we are celebrating St. Bart's Day with festive services, numerous choirs (even a visiting one at 5 pm) and refreshments at ...

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