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River Thoughts about Death and Life

In Memphis this week for a few days, I have sat and stared at the Mississippi River, thinking about Holy Week. I have thought of some other stuff too, of course, but largely I have thought about Holy Week--particularly about Jesus' death. I tried not to make it the topic at dinner every night. ...

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Waking Up

The season of Lent is coming to an end, an ending honestly that never saddens me. I sometimes have trouble distinguishing between what the Church truly calls us to, a holy Lent of self-examination, and a less thoughtful and simpler indulgence in the practice of naval gazing, which comes pretty ...

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The Heart of Betty Beauty-Box

When I got out of graduate school the first time, I ran a large social welfare program for developmentally disabled people. The staff was comprised of people like me--young, idealistic, liberal--it was the '70s after all. One of the social workers on our team was eccentric; actually, she was crazy ...

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Little Moments of Easter in the Midst of Lent

Someone told me this week that he had given up fear for Lent. I wasn't sure what to think of that, except that I liked the idea a great deal more than giving up chocolate or Diet Coke. To be totally honest (or largely so), I have never been much into giving up something for Lent. The practice has ...

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Spring Cleaning, Early: What We Keep and What We Let Go

About 20 minutes after Christmas ended this past year, we began in earnest to plan what this season of Lent will be like at St. Bart's. Claiming not to want the word spoken in my presence, I resisted those who plan better than I. For the good of all, I was summarily ignored. It was my weak ...

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