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Babette's Feast Revisited

A week from today, the day after Thanksgiving, a day when many Americans will shop till they drop, while countless others continue the feast of too much food and football, the inaugural event of Fare Share Friday will occur at St. Bart’s. The nave of the church will be transformed for the ...

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Over the Top

There is a certain kind of craze that begins to show up in churches about this time of year. I suppose it is always there, lurking somewhere under the surface; but by the week or so before Thanksgiving, it begins to be palpable. What about the staff Christmas party? Is the Secret Santa process so ...

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The Delight of Surprise

Clerics are not usually at the top of my A-List, certainly not automatically, which doesn’t mean that some of my best friends are not clerics: they are. It is just that there’s so much for us in this line of work to overcome before we can become the kind of person I like to hang out ...

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`Tis the Season

When did Halloween become so big? At the most I remember a homemade costume with a store bought mask (both of which were hot and uncomfortable), and a lovingly but quite amateurishly carved pumpkin. And, of course, I remember the candy—and particularly the one lady on our block, who for ...

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Why Things Happen the Way They Do

One night this week I heard Marilynne Robinson read from her latest novel, “Lila”. Finally we get the backstory, or as much of it as we can stand, of the enigmatic and much younger wife of John Ames. Robinson’s nearly ethereal and oddly lilting voice is the only voice, which ...

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