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Sounding Right Doesn't Always Mean It Is Right

An unexpected dash this week to and from Atlanta to see my mother played havoc with my plans. Though clearly I am very important and involved in quite critical activities -- just ask me -- it is amazing how dramatically and quickly a telephone call can change the course of planned events. And ...

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A Bad Story from Start to Finish

I intended to write this morning about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev but thought better of it. His life now rests in the hands of the jury who convicted him on 30 counts in the Boston bombing trial. He is guilty; everyone knows it and has all along. Although his lawyer is known for great success in ...

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A Lost Crucifix

Late one afternoon this week as I was writing fervently, an email loudly plopped into my inbox. Knowing that it could indeed be critical -- this is my story and I can make such claims if I want to -- I, of course, opened it. The fact that it gave me the occasion of a little break from writing is ...

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Holy Life

I never know what to write at the start of Holy Week. Everything about it is huge, overpowering and primarily evocative of silence.   It also occurs to me that it may be a bit overdone. From 30,000 feet I wonder if it appears that the heart of Christianity is the death of Jesus ...

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Moral Agency

Last week I lightheartedly (sort of) proposed that Lent should be an optional weekend event. I've rethought the suggestion and now believe it should be a lifelong observance.  While it is indeed possible that this kind of flip flopping, almost political in character, means that I have indeed ...

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