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Moral Agency

Last week I lightheartedly (sort of) proposed that Lent should be an optional weekend event. I've rethought the suggestion and now believe it should be a lifelong observance.  While it is indeed possible that this kind of flip flopping, almost political in character, means that I have indeed ...

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When Lent Begins to Meddle

Email is a scourge and an abomination before God. We write things in email that we’d never say in person; a note written electronically after 8 PM or after drinking anything stronger than warm milk is a disaster waiting to happen. Filters should be installed to ask these three ...

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Snow Blindness

March snows, even those arriving in early March, have strange effects on us. The second time this week it started to snow, I began to wonder if Lent in a more temperate climate should even count as Lent. I mean really. How effective can Lent be in places like Palm Springs, Hawaii or South Florida? ...

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Living Essentially

Oliver Sacks, the author of “Awakenings” and longtime professor of neurology at NYU, is dying. Although 81 years old, he is too young to be dying; and though he clearly is, there is ample evidence that he will live every moment until he doesn’t.  Recently learning of the ...

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The Other Side of Ashes

I didn’t have high hopes for the start of Lent this year. Everything is a bit weird right now – weird and poignant, moving toward an ending and a beginning, imagining how it will work for all of us. When life is particularly intense, I tend to think that everything is about me, ...

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