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Fitbits and Jesus: A Match Made in Heaven

I have become a step-counter, which is for me a new obsessive activity, sadly one that is more intellectual than active. I thinkabout how many steps I should be taking. A dear friend with the best of intentions recently gave me a Fitbit, the hippest of the wristbands that wirelessly monitor more ...

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When Lightening Up Gets Heavy

I am not always happy to see August arrive, a reaction likely due in part to a throwback to my childhood when it signaled that school was about to begin again. But this year the ending of summer seems like a really good idea. The passage of some time at this point may be the only solution ...

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Why We Should Border on Compassion

Shortly after I arrived at St. Bart’s almost seven years ago, I made a passing reference in a sermon to what I imagined Jesus’ position on immigration would be. I honestly don’t remember exactly what I said, though I am clear that it was not the point of the sermon and was far ...

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Waiting and Praying

Nothing I had planned to write today seems weighty enough in light of the events of yesterday: the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner and Israel’s ground operation into Gaza. My reactions are the kind best proffered only among those within my most intimate circle, where I am readily ...

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Epicurean Wisdom - Seriously

Reading yesterday about the philosopher, Epicurus, I learned something new or perhaps was reminded of something I had forgotten. (That sentence may be one of the most obnoxious openings I have ever written -- as though I casually spend my erudite life reading of fourth century BCE philosophers ...

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