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Santa and the Virgin Mary

Is there really a Santa Claus? Last night I participated in a discussion of this very question with a group of people, each of whom is old enough to long ago have settled this one. Before we knew it, though, and long before we had reached any real agreement, we, being a group of church geeks, ...

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A Spirit Worth Catching

In some ways it begins again this week.  On Sunday there is Cleaning and Greening, our annual parish party to decorate the church for this holy season. A few professionals get it started on Saturday, and then in and around the first two services Sunday morning, all of us who want to will add ...

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Faithful and Humble Speech

After my sermon last week someone asked me, “Have you ever served on a grand jury?” The tone was gracious, but the point was clear. For the record, I have not. Until the last month or so I truthfully haven’t thought much about grand juries. I am happy I suppose, that I have had ...

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Babette's Feast Revisited

A week from today, the day after Thanksgiving, a day when many Americans will shop till they drop, while countless others continue the feast of too much food and football, the inaugural event of Fare Share Friday will occur at St. Bart’s. The nave of the church will be transformed for the ...

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Over the Top

There is a certain kind of craze that begins to show up in churches about this time of year. I suppose it is always there, lurking somewhere under the surface; but by the week or so before Thanksgiving, it begins to be palpable. What about the staff Christmas party? Is the Secret Santa process so ...

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