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Days Off, Sunshine and TerrorismĀ 

Yesterday the Iraqi prime minister stated that ISIS is planning an attack on the NYC subway. This created a flutter, of course, but was hardly news. Is anyone surprised to hear that ISIS is interested in blowing up the subway in New York City? When I needed to get uptown to see someone late in ...

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Be a Part of a Search for God

This Sunday is the day I am hoping that many who have been away for the summer will be back in church. To kick off the Fall Season, during which great things are happening, we are celebrating St. Bart's Day with festive services, numerous choirs (even a visiting one at 5 pm) and refreshments at ...

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Making Space for God

Very early this morning as I began to write, long before the comfort of daylight, I received a notice from my laptop, a MacBook Air, that my start-up drive was nearly full and that I needed to delete some files to create additional space. At that hour of the morning I am unaccustomed to hearing ...

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Hope and Horror Live Side by Side

Yesterday a good friend, actually one of the most sensitive, loving people I know, told me that he had watched the clip of the beheading of Steven Sotloff, the second of two journalists to be murdered by ISIS this month. Instead of rushing off the phone in horror, I pushed for details. In the ...

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Fitbits and Jesus: A Match Made in Heaven

I have become a step-counter, which is for me a new obsessive activity, sadly one that is more intellectual than active. I thinkabout how many steps I should be taking. A dear friend with the best of intentions recently gave me a Fitbit, the hippest of the wristbands that wirelessly monitor more ...

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