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Why We Should Border on Compassion

Shortly after I arrived at St. Bart’s almost seven years ago, I made a passing reference in a sermon to what I imagined Jesus’ position on immigration would be. I honestly don’t remember exactly what I said, though I am clear that it was not the point of the sermon and was far ...

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Waiting and Praying

Nothing I had planned to write today seems weighty enough in light of the events of yesterday: the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner and Israel’s ground operation into Gaza. My reactions are the kind best proffered only among those within my most intimate circle, where I am readily ...

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Epicurean Wisdom - Seriously

Reading yesterday about the philosopher, Epicurus, I learned something new or perhaps was reminded of something I had forgotten. (That sentence may be one of the most obnoxious openings I have ever written -- as though I casually spend my erudite life reading of fourth century BCE philosophers ...

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Socks (or Not), Seersucker and Sacred Music

After the reality of last winter, I am approaching our recently arrived summer with a new and improved attitude. I only wear socks on Sundays, I am all over anything that comes in seersucker, and I have reconstructed my view of what is age appropriate to permit shorts in settings that I once ...

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Saying No to Turmoil, Yes to Peace

It is probably not doing my image much good to admit my preference for avoiding conflict. Culturally, we have come to practically enshrine our willingness to embrace it, maybe even to enjoy it. If I am out of step in this regard, it is not the first time. In fact, I came early to my aversion to ...

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