St. Bart's has always had its umbilical cord tethered to creativity, from its unique architectural history to its beautiful music to the mosaics in 24 karat gold created by Hildreth Meiere to expressions in contemporary art using the medium of today.

New offerings under the creative leadership of Buddy Stallings, are the lively and educational videos of our church being produced by Matthew Moretz, our new Associate Rector and our new Literary Journal Quarterly, Spirit of St. Bart's.  

Also, a unique gift was created for Buddy at his Institution as Rector called Saints in the Garden.

A great way to learn first-hand about St. Bart's is to take a tour. Also check out our bookstore located in the narthex. Among the many gems are St. Bartholomew's Church in the City of New York by Christine Smith and Holy Light: The Iconography and History of the Stained Glass of St. Bartholomew's Church in New York City by Becca Earley Richards.

A church and community center, St. Bart's continues to evolve as a unique and powerful cornerstone within the emerging creative scene of New York City and beyond. It also connects to a larger creative community of spiritual seekers.

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